"Family Alphabet" by Mary Alice Amidon 

The House of Samuel Inc. is a non-profit agency providing comprehensive family centered adoption and foster care services to children and families. We serve families who desire to enhance their lives through fostering and adopting children in a culturally sensitive manner. Through recruitment, education, support, child-match, family assessment, post-placement services, and post finalization, we assist families in the life long process of serving children.


* Comprehensive Adoption &
   Foster Care Services

   - Family Assessments & Homestudies
    - Educational/Training Services
    - Birth Parent Counseling
    - Post-Placement Supervision Services
     - Adoption & Foster Support Groups
     - Respite Care Serivces
     - Life-Giving Crisis Pregnancy Services
     - Attachment-Based Counseling

* Network & Referral Services

* Christian Counseling Services

* Conference Presentations

* Child-Focused Mission Outreach

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"Knowing that my son is safe and well cared for affirms my decision to locate an adoptive family.  I miss him, and always will, but I know he is happy and loved."
                                                  --Birth Mother


"I got my first blisters scraping cement from an orphanage floor.  I felt good.  I made a contribution."
      --Teen on a Mission Outreach to Guatemala


"You never made us feel like we were being 'inspected' to have a child enter our home.  You allowed us to make our own decisions on which route to go in the adoption world and in doing that, we felt in control of the adoption of our daughter."
                                              --Adoptive Parent


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